The Importance of Preventive Veterinary Care for Pets in Prescott

The Animal Humane Society encourages preventive veterinary care in maintaining your pet’s general health and well-being. This practice encourages a culture of safety and wellness. In Prescott, Arizona, outdoor activities are popular for pets and their owners. So, preventive veterinary care is important to keep your pets healthy at all times. Here are the details:

It Prevents Internal Parasites, Such as Heartworm

Studies show that internal parasites can damage the health of your pet from inside the body. Roundworms and hookworms can enter your pet’s body through the skin or mucus areas. The deadliest internal parasite is the heartworm. This internal parasite can enter your pet’s body through the bite of an infected mosquito.

The symptoms of heartworm are not evident until it reaches its worst stages. By then, the heartworm will have taken over the heart and lungs. Treatment for this condition is expensive, time-consuming, and painful for your pet. But heartworm is preventable. Your vet will provide the right dose of heartworm preventives for your pet. Year-round heartworm protection can keep heartworms, as well as hookworms and roundworms, away from your pets.

It Prevents External Parasites

Fleas and ticks are common in Prescott, Arizona. They can attach to your pet’s skin and multiply right away. Skin irritation, secondary wounds, and anemia can develop. These can cause even more health problems later on. Fleas can bring about tapeworms and anemia. Ticks can cause Lyme disease.

You can stay away from unmaintained properties and woodlands whenever you go out. Placing repellent-treated protective clothing on your pet can help prevent the parasites from attaching to your pet’s skin. Inspecting your pet for ticks and fleas before entering your property can also help. You can also place tick and flea collars on your pet. The most effective way to ward off these parasites is to give your pet tick and flea medications. You can give preventives every month or every three months.

It Updates Vaccinations

Updating your pet’s regular vaccinations builds a barrier around your pet. Your vet will give your dog shots for parvo and rabies. A vaccine for panleukopenia can protect your cats. You can also ask your vet for vaccines against Lyme disease, leptospirosis, and kennel cough.

It Helps You Find Out What’s Wrong

Your pet cannot tell you what is wrong. Regular checkups enable your vet to perform tests. These diagnostic exams can then determine your pet’s true health status. Your vet can then create the right treatment plan to resolve your pet’s current health issue. This can even prevent a more serious ailment from developing.

It Can Give You Peace of Mind

Preventive vet care can keep your pet in top shape. This type of care can save you from heartache. The peace of mind that you get can help you stay healthy as well.

Preventive veterinary care can help your pet stay happy, healthy, and safe in Prescott. At Mile Hi Animal Hospital, we help pet parents by providing only high-quality vet care products and services. Drop by our facility in Prescott, Arizona, for a consultation. Please call 928-445-4581 to set an appointment or ask about our preventive veterinary care packages for pets.

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